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Looking for bathroom remodeling in Camp Hill? Home Remodeling Pros of Central PA can transform your outdated or inconvenient bathroom into your dream space. From small changes to full remodeling projects, we’ve got you covered. Get the bathroom you’ve always wanted for you and your family.

With almost 35 years of service in Central PA and over 60 years of combined home improvement experience, Home Pros guarantees expertise and reliability in every job we undertake. We always deliver skilled and experienced service that stands the test of time.

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Let Us Remodel Your Bathroom

Among the rooms in your home, the bathroom tends to age and wear out more visibly. While other rooms like bedrooms and family rooms may maintain their appeal, the bathroom can appear outdated and worn. Home Pros has the expertise to revive your bathroom and restore its charm.

For older homes with original bathrooms that feel stuck in the past, our skilled crew can modernize them for the 21st century. With new fixtures, designs, and styles, we’ll tailor the bathroom to your preferences, creating a space that perfectly matches your needs and style.

Upgrade your bathroom for enhanced aesthetics, efficiency, and relaxation. Remodeling offers numerous benefits and options. If you have an idea or a plan for your bathroom remodel, we can bring it to life. If you need some ideas, we have plenty of options to choose from. Let’s explore a few:

More Efficient Use of Space

Optimize your small bathroom with a user-friendly design for enhanced efficiency and comfort. Our expertise lies in creating space-efficient, functional, and customized bathrooms that perfectly suit your needs, ensuring a more enjoyable and practical experience. We can design a bathroom that uses every square inch available to leave no wasted space.

Make Your Bathroom Safer

If stepping over your tub’s wall is becoming difficult, let Home Pros replace it with a new walk-in shower, offering easy and safe access to your shower. We also can improve functionality and safety for those with mobility challenges by adding grab handles, taller toilets, and high-grip tiles.

During the remodeling process, we address underlying safety issues, such as electrical problems or water damage. Rest assured, the bathroom we remodel will provide a safe haven for you and your family. With Home Pros’ expertise, your bathroom will not only look better but also be more safe, relaxing, and tailored to your needs and preferences.

Update Fixtures

For those on a limited budget, consider replacing bathroom hardware and fixtures for a refreshed look. Upgrading to new shower heads, lighting, toilets, faucets, and other small changes can give your bathroom an updated feel without a full remodel. Our team can handle the installation, making the process hassle-free for you.

Choose the options that suit your preferences, and these budget-friendly upgrades can quickly bring your bathroom back to life. These jobs can often be completed in just a day, making it an ideal choice for those with time constraints.

Fully Replace Showers or Tubs

When your shower or tub starts to show signs of wear, a shower or tub remodel is a wise decision. It’s particularly beneficial if you have issues like water damage, mold, tile damage, or an outdated tub. With numerous options available, you can select the perfect new tub or shower to revitalize your bathroom and enhance your bathroom experience.

Shower-To-Tub Conversions

If you’re someone who enjoys occasional baths or has young kids, a bathtub can be a great addition to your bathroom. If you already have a walk-in shower and wish to convert it into a bathtub, we can help you with that too.

Get in touch with us today, and our experts will examine your shower area to determine the feasibility of the conversion. While converting a small shower might pose some challenges, we’re committed to finding creative solutions to make it work for you. Let’s explore the options together and transform your shower into the bathtub you’ve been envisioning.

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    Along with striving to earn our customers’ approval, we meet our own rigorous standards with every project we successfully complete. We don’t take a relaxed attitude to errors or accept mediocre efforts.


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    We have an honest relationship with our customers and respect their individual needs, including the scope of their budget. Even with budget constraints, we’ll use high-quality materials and deliver beautiful results.

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