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Do you have an unfinished basement that spooks you out? Or an outdated, wood paneling nightmare that is stuck in the ’70s? Home Remodeling Pros of Central PA has the best team in Carlisle to get your basement remodeled and brought into the 21st century.

We have been in business for nearly 35 years and our pros have more than 60 years of experience in the home improvement industry so Home Remodeling Pros is a company that you can trust with any project. Our crews work together to make your dreams come to life.

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Bring Your Basement To Life

An unfinished basement may be good for storage but it doesn’t do much to add to the usable living space in your home. A finished basement that is dated and out of style may simply be uninspiring and not reaching the potential of your basement.

We can help you reach the full potential of your basement with a remodel. You can design the basement how you would like it to look and then we can build it for you. The sky is the limit of what we can do and you’ll have a totally new space to enjoy.

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If you are ready to move forward with your basement remodel then schedule a consultation today! Our team will work with you throughout the process so that we can design and build your perfect basement remodel.

We can show you some of our past work and designs that we have done if you need a little bit of inspiration or you can lead the show and we will take your design ideas and bring them to life.

Either way, you are sure to have one of the best basements in Carlisle when we are finished. Schedule your consultation today to revive your basement and add precious living space to your home!

Ideas For A Basement Remodel

If you have a basement that you want to remodel but you are unsure what direction you want to go in, we can show you some design ideas and help determine what will be the best design direction for your basement.

Here are a few ideas to turn your basement into a functional area that expands the usable living space in your home.

Build A Small Apartment

Turning your basement into a small apartment can be very useful in a few different ways. A mother-in-law apartment is a great way for elderly parents to still have some privacy and independence if they are living with you.

You can also rent a small apartment either long term or short term rentals using AirBnb or a similar platform. This can make your basement work for you and earn money each month! If you live in a popular area for tourism or travel nurses, this can be lucrative.

You can also simply use it as a spare or guest bedroom if you have frequent visitors. You can build a kitchen if it will be used long-term or keep it simple for guests. We can add a bathroom and build out the apartment however you would like.

Make The Perfect Man or Lady Cave

Every man, or woman, needs a place where they can relax after a long day of work. We can help you design the perfect man or lady cave to turn your basement into a unique hangout spot that you can enjoy every day.

A man cave might have a big TV, a bar, a fridge full of beer, cool lighting, a comfy recliner or couch, video games, or anything else that you would like. It’ll be the perfect spot to crack a cold one and watch the game after work.

Ladies might have a comfy bean bag chair, a wine cooler, a library, a TV, a spot for yoga, or a reading nook. A stressful day at work will be no match for an evening enjoyed with a glass of wine and a good book or a few episodes of your favorite show.

Stay Focused With A Basement Office

With the rise in people working from home, there is an increased need for a home office. Building an office in the basement can help you find some peace and quiet to get your work done without the distractions that you’ll find in other parts of the house.

You can design your office to fit your needs so that you’ll have a motivating workspace that will make “going” to work not so bad.

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    Along with striving to earn our customers’ approval, we meet our own rigorous standards with every project we successfully complete. We don’t take a relaxed attitude to errors or accept mediocre efforts.


    Whenever you have questions or want to share your ideas, you’ll find us attentive and sensitive to whatever you need. We use all of our skills and experience to give you superlative service.


    We have an honest relationship with our customers and respect their individual needs, including the scope of their budget. Even with budget constraints, we’ll use high-quality materials and deliver beautiful results.

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