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Tired of your old, outdated deck? What is your vision for your new deck? Looking for solution to create more of an outdoor living space for you and your family? The Home Remodeling Pros are here to help make your dreams come true!

When remolding your deck, you want to make sure that the professional doing the job is just that… professional. We take great pride and our time to make sure that you are shown all options available. We explain in detail the work that will be done and ensure your needs are met. We will make sure the project makes sense for you and your family. Whether it is a simple project or a complicated one, you can rest easy knowing that every detail has been covered and planned.

Just by visiting our showroom, you’ll get many ideas for deck design and all the styles and options available on the market. We look forward to working with on your journey to create your amazing new deck!

Remodeling a Deck can be a complex and challenging process, But The Result Is Worth it!

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space

Remodeling your deck transforms it from outdated to a premier outdoor gathering area, enhancing your home’s curb appeal and value. With modern materials like composite or vinyl, your deck becomes a low-maintenance, vibrant space tailored to your preferences, including custom features like built-in seating and lighting. This upgrade creates an inviting outdoor living space for enjoying the weather and spending quality time with loved ones, making your home stand out.

Less Maintenance, More Fun

Replacing older wooden decks with a vinyl or composite deck means that you’ll have to do less maintenance over the years, it’ll be easier to clean, and it will be more durable so you will be able to enjoy your new deck for many years to come. Less maintenance means that you won’t be spending money on things like paint or having to replace rotten boards, saving you money in the long run.

Deck Remodeling

Keep Things Safe

Remodeling your deck is essential for safety, especially if it’s aging and its structural supports are becoming less reliable. Addressing these concerns before any accidents occur is crucial. By opting for a deck remodel, you ensure your outdoor space remains a safe, comfortable extension of your home, ready to provide years of enjoyment and outdoor fun. A free consultation can help explore your options, ensuring your deck remains a secure place for gatherings.

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    Which is why we offer the best of the best in materials when it comes to decking full replacement.


    No worry maintenance we offer vinyl and composite decking options.


    At Home Remodeling Pros our process is the product. This allows us to guarantee your complete satisfaction in not only the outcome but your overall experience.

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Home Remodeling Pros of Central PA has been providing the highest quality home renovations for almost 30 years. We believe the customer experience is paramount in the home renovation process. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, or any other type, the customer should never settle for anything less than what they expect.

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