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Are you looking to boost the value of your property, or do you simply want to add a new layer of comfort to your existing environment? A bathroom remodel can help you achieve both. Not only does a remodel boost your home’s value by 3% on average, an overwhelming amount of homeowners (93%) felt their remodel contributed to a better quality of life overall.

Today, the Home Remodeling Pros of York, PA are going to walk you through your very own bathroom remodel, complete with current trends and a breakdown of the steps required to achieve your own luxury space.

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Home Remodeling Pros: Services Offered

While there may be a methodical process in place during the actual renovation, in terms of design choices, the sky’s the limit. At Home Remodeling Pros of York, Pennsylvania, we believe the best way to serve our customers is by offering an a la carte menu of interior remodeling services for them to choose from. Our main service offerings include:

  • Toilet, sink, and shower installation
  • Tiling
  • Cabinetry and shelving
  • Electric upgrades
  • Plumbing upgrades

Whether you’re looking to spruce up one or two elements of your existing design, or you have your eye on a complete bathroom overhaul, Home Remodeling Pros has the experience necessary to handle any job. We have an extensive portfolio of bathroom remodels from the greater York area and across the state of Pennsylvania. Visit us online today to view a sample of our work, or contact us directly to obtain a quote for your next remodeling contract.

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom, basement, kitchen, deck, or entire home, Harrisburg Home Remodeler is the team to call. Our crew has provided top-quality home remodeling for 30 years. Our leadership team has 60 years of experience delivering exceptional customer service. We prioritize exceeding your goals and completing your project quickly, neatly, and as promised. Our customers love how we stay in contact with them throughout the process and treat them like family. Here’s what to expect when you choose us as your home remodeling contractor.

  • No sub-contractors
  • Showrooms to design your space
  • Premium customer experience
  • Turnkey services
  • Customized solutions
  • Constant communication
  • Personalized plans
  • Clean, safe worksites
  • Industry standards exceeded
  • Minimal disruption
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Common Bathroom Remodeling Strategies

When it comes to the trades, no two craftspeople will execute on your vision in quite the same way, but there are best practices, methodologies, and emerging trends that can help guide their hands. Let’s begin with the actual remodeling process itself.

1. Make your plan and set your budget

Every in-home renovation starts with a vision. The remodeling process itself, however, begins with communication. The homeowner must be clear on what they want the space to look like and the level of utility they expect to have prior to any trades people swinging a hammer or setting drywall. This is the phase of the remodel where both design and budget need to be discussed and set before continuing.

2. Choose your ideal style(s)

Once the homeowner and contractor have set a direction for the remodel, it’s time for the homeowner to have some fun. This is the time to get creative (within reason) as you pick out flooring, a color scheme, appliances, and a vanity. Some of the latest trends include:

Incorporating colorful and visually unique vanities

A focus on modern shower upgrades

Adding a modernized, high-efficiency toilet

Upgrading the nuts and bolts, such as lighting, heated tiles, or improved ventilation

3. Demo!

Once all the creative design choices are established, it’s time to rip and tear at the old infrastructure. Depending on the scope of your vision, this part may include the removal of old tiles, old bathroom appliances such as shower stall and toilet, or even the removal of walls to add additional space, where applicable.

4. Revitalize the electric and plumbing

Once the old infrastructure has been removed and discarded, it’s time to revitalize the nuts and bolts of the bathroom with an eye on both efficiency and safety. That means adjusting or adding any wires or plumbing necessary to modernize the bathroom while helping the customer save on utility bills.

5. Add drywall, paint, and tile

Once all the underlying systems have been updated, it’s time to begin rebuilding the room. This is the portion where our contractor will set up new drywall, retile the floor, and in some cases even paint the room for you.

6. Install new appliances

The final step in the process is installing your new sink, vanity, toilet, and bathtub/ shower. Aside from a few finishing touches at the end, installation serves to bookend the process.

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    Along with striving to earn our customers’ approval, we meet our own rigorous standards with every project we successfully complete. We don’t take a relaxed attitude to errors or accept mediocre efforts.


    Whenever you have questions or want to share your ideas, you’ll find us attentive and sensitive to whatever you need. We use all of our skills and experience to give you superlative service.


    We have an honest relationship with our customers and respect their individual needs, including the scope of their budget. Even with budget constraints, we’ll use high-quality materials and deliver beautiful results.

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